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Our JCobra vs

IT IS GREAT WHEN A MEMBER OF OUR LEAGUE OF ENRINGED GENTLEMEN TELLS US ABOUT HIS THOUGHTS. The Velv’Or Vigor JCobra vs Sebastian Pintea’s Sterling Cockring I have been wearing various sterling silver cockrings since 2016.  My dream though has always to own one of Velv’Or’s cockrings. Even so I had concerns about the expense. Finally, I bought one, a Vigor JCobra, and I have to tell you and your partner that you really should not think about the money.  Now for my experience. I bought the Sebastian Pintea silver cockring. It looks like a good remake of, and cheaper alternative to, Velv’Or’s JCobra. The ring is much lighter than the JCobra.  At first the weight of the ring did...

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Vigor Silver JCobra Review

I really love my new JCobra. For you to know I have a Sterling Silver Cock Ring by Crowned Jewels which is good but nothing compared to my JCobra. Beside these two I also own one of a seller at Etsy which looks very similar to almost the same as the JCobra but I have to say the JCobra is in fit, finish, shape, etc much better. Furthermore, the JCobra gives me much more pleasure it is also heavier and oh my god the pleasure it gives during Sex is unbelievable. I am happy I first bought the Etsy one so I can now compare it to the JCobra and I have the say the JCobra is worth every penny. During sports...

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The English translation of: Some Dutch words of a very happy EnRinged Member

“It’s another Ball Game” What a wonderfully used expression, just like ‘Gentleman Ring’ & yes I am now also ‘EnRinged’! I am really impressed by these ‘G.Rings’. Who on Earth is the Genius who is behind this invention? It is not an Eastern Tantra Guru or a Sexologist, no this ‘gist’ did not lie. (In Dutch it’s a play on words & sounds better). In the meantime I discovered his name: Jelle Plantenga, a Dutch man. He is easily reachable by e-mail & you may get in touch with him at any time & ask him any questions you might have. Us Dutch people are much more open towards sex & we can casually discuss it although at times with words...

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Some Dutch words of a very happy EnRinged Member

"It's an other ballgame" Wat een mooi gevonden uitspraak, net als ”Gentleman Ring” en ja ik ben inmiddels ook EnRinged!Ik ben in de ban van deze G.Ringen, welke genie heeft dit bedacht? Het is géén Oosterse Tantra geleerde of een Seksuoloog, nee deze “loog” loog er niet om, inmiddels weet ik ook zìjn naam Jelle Plantenga een Nederlander! Hij is toegankelijk, via de mail je kun hem gerust je vragen stellen.Wij Nederlanders zijn nuchter en praten over het algemeen wat makkelijker over sex. Alhoewel met woorden die wat ingetogener zijn. Anno 2020 klinkt lul normaler voor de jeugd, dan wanneer je penis zegt, ze denken dan eerder aan een onbekend electronisch speeltje. Nou je lul word ineens de basis van...

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