About Velv'Or


Velv’Or is the avant-garde brand behind some incredible products for Gentlemen. Its products are EnRiching the lives of thousands of people around the globe.

The name stands for the various physiological stages of Life & the Penis: 'Velv' from velvet meaning soft, and 'Or' from vigor meaning hard.

Back story

In November 2006 I, Jelle Plantenga the founder, was looking for a stylish Gentlemen's ring, but found nothing that suited my needs. So I designed his own.

Conventional cock rings are flat circular shapes. I wondered how a convex curve across a ring, giving it shallow crescent cupped outline, would change the experience.

Together with a Dutch silversmith, the first prototype of my design was created: a silver cockring characterized by its body-fitting shape.

It functioned well and was way more comfortable to wear than traditional rings. I was a happy man, yet I wanted more. I wanted it to be even more comfortable and to apply pressure on the perineum, one of the most sensitive parts of the male anatomy.

I sent the prototype to an award winning master silversmith in the UK, together with my requirements and the JCobra, the iconic ergonomic luxury Gentlemen's Ring, was born.

Five years later, after numerous requests from consumers, retailers and distributors, I launched the JNaja.

The JNaja is the first commercially produced 3D printed Gentlemen's Ring. Its production has allowed many men, who only dreamed of owning and experiencing the effects of a JCobra, to be EnRinged and enjoy the effects of this amazing piece of body jewellery. The JNaja remains a favourite of all gentlemen who try it. And, their lovers enjoy the benefits, too.

Velv'Or Designs

Velv'Or (currently owned by Concepts Of Love/EQOM) has discontinued to diversify the designs and collections available. This unfortunately resulted in the iconic ergonomic designs only being available in white at https://www.shapeways.com/shops/velv-or.

Be up to date

To remain up to date about Velv'Or I invite you to follow all the social media profiles which you can find on https://www.velv-or.com/pages/social-media. And, if you are curious about what fans of Velv'Or think the products, please read their reviews and experiences or head over to a special sub-Reddit I created to see them EnRinged.


Ps this shop is run by J Su Misura, my personal company, and not by Concepts Of Love/EQOM the current owner of Velv'Or.