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The JBoa in Sugextions 22

It is always a pleasure to be featured by the amazing people of Sugextions!! You can check out the full magazine at: https://issuu.com/publicasl/docs/sx-22/178?fr=sYTExZTE3MTgyMDM

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Jelle at Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades Of Play

Luckily for me, Jelle the founder of Velv'Or, I have known Taylor Sparks, host of Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades of Play podcast and Founder/Sex Goddess of Organicloven.com, that carries the Velv'Or brand. Over the years she has been a very devoted Gentleman Ring Fitting Lady and made many Gentlemen and Ladies of Gentlemen very very happy members of Velv'Or's League Of EnRinged Gentlemen. It was a pleasure for me to finally be on her podcast with her after listening to all of her previous Five Shades Of Play episodes on https://anchor.fm/sistersofsexuality Click play below and enjoy the episode I did with the amazing Taylor. Hereby some links of Sisters Of Sexuality and Taylor https://www.facebook.com/SexySoSTour/ https://www.instagram.com/sistersofsexuality/ https://twitter.com/SistersofSex https://www.facebook.com/taylor.sparks.1610

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Testo Factor X JBoa

From time to time you see a post on Social Media and you simply have to get in contact with the person behind the post. Lately this was the fellow Dutch guy Ralph Moorman who written the cool book De Testo Factor. I suggested an exchange of a JBoa and his book. A pretty cool Facebook comment conversation followed after he posted my below email to his Facebook timeline: Feel free to comment along at https://www.facebook.com/ralphmoorman76/posts/10158148985715325

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An amazed Gay in the Middle

It always makes me "Jelle the founder of Velv'Or" happy when I read reviews about the products I invented. I recently found this one which I totally missed in 2017. You can read the original review on http://www.gayinthemiddle.com/2017/06/13/jnaja-cock-ring-velvor/

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Sharing my Blue JNaja

A couple months ago I met with a guy in Amsterdam, who I've known for a while through Reddit/cockrings. Nice guy, late 40s, slim body. Right in the hallway of his apartment we slowly undressed each other, and I started to explore his upright body. Sensually smooth skin. Both our dicks got swollen. Exactly the same length, thickness, and foreskin size. But my balls a lot bigger ;). He had a huge vein running over his cock. I wore my blue JNaja cockring, which attracted his attention. He asked if he could try. “I have probably the same size as you”. “Later”, I replied. “I’ll put it on you.” We went to his bedroom. There I massaged his back, butt...

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