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A sexting JNada

It is always a pleasure to see creative posts of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen on our sub-Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/EnRingedGentlemen/   Check out the original post on https://www.reddit.com/r/EnRingedGentlemen/comments/e7y26c/thanks_hepaminondas1_for_our_virtual_frotting/

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The Third Generation of the JBoa is coming

It has been a while that the iconic JBoa, of which we sold several thousands of First and Second Generations, has been off the market. Luckily for all JBoa fans and newbies to this amazing one size fits all Lasso the Third Generation is coming soon!! If you can't wait to share your enthusiasm with us please let us know ---- The JBoa is a fully adjustable penis ring designed to be worn at the base of your penis. Constricting the penis at its base will result in super hard, longer lasting erections, as well as euphoric ejaculations. JBoa ist ein vollständig verstellbarer Penisring, der zum Einschnüren des Penis an der Peniswurzel entwickelt wurde, was zu superharten, länger anhaltenden Erektionen sowie euphorischen...

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Couple of Secrets - JNaja Cockring | Adult product review

A short while ago I, Jelle the founder of Velv'Or had the pleasure to meet the amazing Aliki & Xander for a drink at the Cafe of the Gym I workout. A place I frequently meet up with members of the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen and fans of Velv'Or like Aliki & Xander. After our meeting Xander proudly calls himself a  member of Velv'Or's League Of EnRinged Gentlemen and Aliki is very very happy with her new Xander. Here are screenshots of the review about our JNaja! Click here for the original post on Couple of Secrets.    

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What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About You

DECODING SEX POSITIONS Are you a Missionary Man or a Doggystyle Devotee? Whatever your go-to move, here's what it means: Some men love missionary, and some dudes dig doggystyle. Others like their ladies on top, while certain guys stick with spooning. Sure, your favorite sex position is probably the one that gives you the best orgasm—but on a subconscious level, your go-to move also says something about your personality in the sack. MISSIONARY The Move: Missionary is like Sex 101: It’s the way we’re “taught” to have sex, and the way that we see it most often in rom-coms and TV shows. But although this position is a classic, a Missionary Man might be a little insecure or “need reassurance...

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