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PWOD - Stay hard

STAY HARD Get hard on the way that works best for you: manual stimulation, brain stimulation, watching your partner, doing kegel exercises, etc. Now when you are hard try to remain hard for a minimum amount of 30 min. When you are for instance in your car, sitting behind your desk or walking outside you can remain hard by tapping on your penis with your fingers or by tightening your PC muscle. When you are with your partner and she/he likes to help out remaining hard, she he can do this by stimulating your penis but just as much that it won't stimulate an ejaculation before hitting the 30 min mark. The goal of this PWOD is that your penis...

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Unleash your Alter Ego with our JNaja

About the JNaja The JNaja is created to give you a different sensation while wearing a Cock Ring. The pressure on your perineum results in stronger erections and very powerful ejaculation. While being EnRinged you will enjoy the benefits of a perineum massage. Massaging this sensitive area of your body has great benefits on your sexual health. All the nerves linked to your sexual activity are running through this area. They will be reset and this makes your entire body to relax, which results in prolonging the time to ejaculate. Wearing the JNaja can be compared to an internal prostate massage. Due to the design of the JNaja it is very comfortable to wear throughout the day, besides intercourse and...

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Reddit Post - Sunday evening veiny, NJoying in my 50mm JNada Velv-Or.com ring

Will it also be your Sunday CRing? Or also your Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday CRing?? @030EnRic owns multiple CRings of ours in multiple sizes and colors!!  Check out the post on Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/EnRingedGentlemen/comments/ai3oqh/sunday_evening_veiny_njoying_in_my_50mm_jnada/ We are looking forward seeing your posts on Reddit as well!! Feel free to also post them in this sub-Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/cockrings/

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PWOD - Jelqing

Massage your penis and scrotum with a nice amount of lubrication, we prefer an oil, until your penis is half erect.Grab your penis with one of your hands - the palm of your hand should lay on your penis and your thumb and index finger should make an o-shaped ok sign on the base of your penis - and move your hand with a nice comfortable amount of pressure from the base of your penis till the head. When you nearly reached your head place your other hand in the same way on your penis and perform the same movement. Continue this is a cycle for 20 reps. You may adjust the amount of grip force but it should...

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