Vigor Silver JCobra Review

I really love my new JCobra. For you to know I have a Sterling Silver Cock Ring by Crowned Jewels which is good but nothing compared to my JCobra. Beside these two I also own one of a seller at Etsy which looks very similar to almost the same as the JCobra but I have to say the JCobra is in fit, finish, shape, etc much better.

Furthermore, the JCobra gives me much more pleasure it is also heavier and oh my god the pleasure it gives during Sex is unbelievable. I am happy I first bought the Etsy one so I can now compare it to the JCobra and I have the say the JCobra is worth every penny.

During sports my JCobra fits perfect I did 10 km run already this morning with it. On the bike I do not feel any discomfort. The JCobra is really perfect and it makes me hard as hell while being intimate with my sexy hot wife.

To check me out EnRinged head to over to Velv'Or's sub-Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/EnRingedGentlemen/

I hope you will follow my example and also get yourself a JCobra or King JCobra created! www.Velv-Or.com

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