The English translation of: Some Dutch words of a very happy EnRinged Member

“It’s another Ball Game”

What a wonderfully used expression, just like ‘Gentleman Ring’ & yes I am now also ‘EnRinged’!
I am really impressed by these ‘G.Rings’. Who on Earth is the Genius who is behind this invention? It is not an Eastern Tantra Guru or a Sexologist, no this ‘gist’ did not lie. (In Dutch it’s a play on words & sounds better).
In the meantime I discovered his name:
Jelle Plantenga, a Dutch man. He is easily reachable by e-mail & you may get in touch with him at any time & ask him any questions you might have.
Us Dutch people are much more open towards sex & we can casually discuss it although at times with words that are more reserved.
Since 2020 a ‘prick’ sounds more normal to younger people than a ‘penis’, they then think more that it is some sort of unknown electronic little toy.
Now ‘prick’ is suddenly the basis of your very own little toy ….. that what you always had with you. That what you now throughout the day can be aware of. ‘It  is  S E N S A T I O N A L!’ & this, by the way, I can say as 60+ year old. 
One is NEVER too old for good feelings (haha, also something to consider or think about).
Just think about how you would feel by the gentle massaging of the perineum (down under) throughout the day & this, by the way is also the location of the first Chakra, that now makes you fully aware that you are the proud owner of that wonderful dick in your pants. Pretty neat, eh what?! 
Yes indeed I can certainly recommend it to any man.
But now - My Story:
It is a pity that I just recently became aware of the G.Ring ….. on the Site of my Tantra masseur. But thank goodness I did become aware of it & that after all what really counts! I am now ‘Fully En-Ringed’.
IT arrived via the mail & I immediately put IT on without ever taking it off, so right from the start 24/7.
I always sleep in the nude & now when at night I touch my pleasurable prick & in the morning when I have to go the the bathroom to go pee it does give you a special feeling.
More proof … I expanded my collection of G.Rings. In the meantime I have the JNaja, the JNata, but also the JNada to wear along with the before mentioned ones.
Now, who would not be happy that his Prick proudly & strongly sticks out? Then what happens, ALL of us guys all do want to have a nice ‘bulge'.
The women look around for a playmate & a possible father for her desire to have kids, then ‘good looking’ equipment is the first step. In secret the man does observe if he has any competition, right? Besides, the straight man also watches his competitors, or does it not? And gay men, yes .... they can't take their eyes off your Bulge anymore.
Then guys, to think of the 'ejaculation’ that is there when you are ‘EnRinged’, that the pleasure bar of the JNata gives you that extra sensation.
I even went further by using a smaller JNada as a base at the root of my Penis. WOW, my veins are beautiful now.
Because I would like to share with other guys this special feeling I also have a “Pendent’ on my keyring that serves as a ’starter for a discussion’ that sometimes brings forth questions, but if I want to keep it for myself it works just as well as a bottle opener, haha.
Wishing ALL of you the very same pleasure & ENJOY!

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