Stay Safe and Take Care

In these strange times with COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus in the air we wish all the members of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen, all their love ones and all people surrounding them (the global population) all the best!!


  • GP

    Aspen has small airport so security doesn’t generally give you a panic attack. Having just experienced a sexy swinger party my wife and I kissed our fuckbuddies goodbye and headed for TSA. We placed our belongings on the conveyor and moved to the metal detector. I was selected to go through the body scan . Giddy as hell from the wild weekend I thought nothing of it. Standing there with my legs spread and hands above my head the smile on my face changed to horror. I suddenly remembered I was wearing my JNaja! As I stepped out the agent asked what was in my pocket. I reached in and pulled out my snake glans ring and simply said jewelry. On my way I went. They never asked what was around the base of my cock! Its a 55 so I hope they noticed!

  • Eric.

    Dat vind ik heel mooi dat jullie aan je klanten denken.
    Maar ik hoop dat het ook goed met jullie en alle andere En Ringed Gentleman.

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