Sharing my Blue JNaja

A couple months ago I met with a guy in Amsterdam, who I've known for a while through Reddit/cockrings. Nice guy, late 40s, slim body. Right in the hallway of his apartment we slowly undressed each other, and I started to explore his upright body. Sensually smooth skin. Both our dicks got swollen. Exactly the same length, thickness, and foreskin size. But my balls a lot bigger ;). He had a huge vein running over his cock.

I wore my blue JNaja cockring, which attracted his attention. He asked if he could try. “I have probably the same size as you”. “Later”, I replied. “I’ll put it on you.”

We went to his bedroom. There I massaged his back, butt and legs. Also full body, and with my nose, mouth and stubble. Slowly more and more focused on the warm space between his legs and butt cheek. Perineum, balls...

His erection grew between his legs. I took it in my hands to gently knead it. With my tongue I explored his balls. When I took his balls in my mouth (both together, because not so big) and gently sucked them, he came unexpectedly. In my hands, because I was just holding his shaft and glans.

Very slowly and sensitive I lubed up his cock and my own cock with his cum. Powerful smell. Then my smooth enringed cock rubbed along his crack and balls, until I unloaded between his legs.

What a hot mess. We gently rubbed each other's stomach and balls with our cum. When we both had gotten soft, I took y JNaja off and put it over his balls and cock. It felt amazing. After that we showered and talked about our nudist experiences on the couch, still enjoying each other's nude bodies. And I enjoyed the view of his cock even more, enringed with my own blue JNaja.

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