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The Velv’Or Vigor JCobra vs Sebastian Pintea’s Sterling Cockring

I have been wearing various sterling silver cockrings since 2016.  My dream though has always to own one of Velv’Or’s cockrings. Even so I had concerns about the expense. Finally, I bought one, a Vigor JCobra, and I have to tell you and your partner that you really should not think about the money. 

Now for my experience. I bought the Sebastian Pintea silver cockring. It looks like a good remake of, and cheaper alternative to, Velv’Or’s JCobra. The ring is much lighter than the JCobra. 

At first the weight of the ring did not appear to be a big issue, but when compared with the JCobra you realize and come to appreciate the difference. The JCobra gives you much more pleasure because it is a heavier ring. Sebastian’s ring is lighter and pushes against your perineum with less pressure resulting in poorer control of your orgasm. When wearing the JCobra I really come later and stronger: which are benefits for me and my queen. Furthermore she likes how the JCobra pushes my package forward - something that makes her horny as hell. 

Sebastian's ring is also much thinner than Velv’Or’s JCobra. At first, I thought that this would be a benefit but in reality it is not. The ring often pinches some skin and my experience is that it does this because it is too thin. Having this happen  makes wearing the ring feel very uncomfortable. 

My last points are about the fit and finish, the communication exchanges with the producers, and the packaging of the two cockrings. The JCobra which has a great finish without any defects in the finish. Moreover, communication with Jelle is more than great. He answers all your questions in some hours and gives you frequent updates during all steps of the production of your bespoke ring. The packaging for the JCobra is like the packaging of an Omega watch. It arrived in a great looking black leather presentation box. You can not imagine the pleasure I had when I received my JCobra. 

Now let's see how Sebastian’s ring compares. Firstly, the polish is really poorly done.  Okay, it is a cockring, but come on there should not be any dents or other defects in the cockring when you first get it out of the box. Communication with Sebastian was okay, but not special. The Hallmarks on Sebastians ring are poorly made; okay, you can say it is not his mistake, but yeah it is because bigger hallmarks cost more money. On the JCobra they are so nice engraved into the silver. Lastly, the packaging: it is packaged in a cheap carton box and the ring must have been flying around in the box during the shipping process - like a kinder surprise toy... 

All in all I would encourage everybody just to opt for the JCobra. It is pricy, but it gives so much and your partner will love too see you dressed in it. It fits like a tailored made suit.


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