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The new JBoa comes in 5 new bead designs; all are made of stainless steel and got a nickel free silver coating them.

  • 301 silver bead with White Crystals
  • 302 silver bead with a String of Balls
  • 303 Knurled silver bead
  • 304 Biconcave silver bead
  • 305 silver Bolt bead

The JBoas come in a stylish back storage box with a magnetic lid; in the storage department under the bed of the JBoa are a manual, a re-string ribbon and a carry along bag.

For retail sales the JBoas have a great designed sleeve around them that has the main description in English and a small description in Dutch, French, German, Russian and Spanish and of course a how to get ConStricted illustration. The instruction manual is written in the same languages.

We created the JBoa to:

  • Be a stylish lasso fully adjustable penis ring that fits all men
  • Be the perfect gift for him
  • Be his ultimate companion everywhere he goes
  • Pro-long his erections
  • Generate powerful ejaculations

While our founder Jelle Plantenga is often asked if the JBoa can also be worn behind the balls and penis? Hereby his explanation how he wears the JBoa to be most effective or to be a jewelry item around his manhood:
"I wear the JBoa on the base of my penis as close to my body as possible to enjoy the most effect out of this minimalistic lasso. I also wear it behind my balls and penis from time to time as a jewelry items. I know some men wear it tightened up behind their package but from my own experience wearing it tightened up just on the base of my penis really gives me euphoric ejaculations and a very hard erection."

The new JBoa designs are available at Eropartner Distribution (Global) 
and Entrenue (American market)
If your preferred distributor doesn't stock our JBoas yet please ask them to contact us. Or if you are a distributor and want to have the new JBoa designs in your assortment lets start a collaboration!!

We are looking forward seeing you sell our new JBoa designs.

For all your questions we are available on info@Velv-Or.com


For the Pleasure Professionals Place on Facebook our founder Jelle Plantenga created this video with some JBoa education.

To promote our JBoa designs we created stunning online images as well as multiple banners.