VV X - Silver

8500 EUR

The VV X is an amazing erotic jewel created especially to EnRich her as well as his sexual life! When used properly by her/his partner it will stimulate the GSpot or PSpot and generate euphoria!

This non-vibrating erotic jewel is preferably handled by the partner. The handle of the VV X is designed like a handle of a 18th century pistol to give him/her that holds the VV X a nice handling over the VV X.

The Manufacturing process
All VV X’s are handcrafted by our Award Winning Master Silversmith from the UK.

Product measurements
The VV X has an approximate length of 265 mm and is 45 mm on the widest point of this amazing product. The Silver VV X has an estimated weight of 650 grams. If you prefer your Silver VV X heavier we can fill the core. Just let us know after you placed your order so we will make it heavier for you.

Material details
The Silver VV X is made of .999 Fine Silver. And can be set with stones like diamond, rubies or black onyxes for instance. If you like to make your Silver VV X even more exclusive please let us know by email before your purchase so we can discuss your request.

The Box
While the Silver VV X is a real piece of jewelry it will come in a very special box. A grey wooden brick in which the VV X is hidden.
The image in the slideshow is showing a sample of the box, we will show the brick asap.

Some history
This amazing piece of art is based on a design from the past. We adjusted the shape to make the VV X even better and more suitable as a partner used product. While we had the pleasure to use the design from the past we were able to make these adjustments based on our preferences.

While the Silver VV X is individually made by our Award Winning Silversmith the production & delivery time will be about 8 weeks.