Velv'Or - EnRinging and EnRiching Gentlemen

VV 1

319 EUR / In stock.

The VV 1 by Velv'Or Bespoke is handcrafted by an edelsmith from Amsterdam and made of high quality German Edelstahl.

It EnRings the CrownJewels to keep the blood in the penis while being erect and it gives a nice sensual feeling while being flacid.

We gave the VV 1 a touch of Velvet & Vigor corresponding to the matt and shiny finish. The inner core designs of the VV's are different from each other to give our fans the option to collect and treasure them.

Beside the mentioned sizes the VV 1 can be created in your required inner diameter and of course it comes with or without diamond/s. If you require a special size or edition please Email us

How to Wear
First put your Balls through the VV 1 followed by your Penis.
Now firmly pull the whole package out and push the VV 1 to the body.

Velv’Or advises you to listen to your body carefully, as the length of being EnRinged varies per person.

“Enjoy being EnRinged”

Production & Delivery time is about 4 weeks

How to measure