JConfessor Silver version

1600 EUR

The JConfessor is one of the few contemporary Signet Rings out there. We created this ring to show a new style and make wearing a seal ring Avant-garde again.

The JConfessor is a fully bespoke piece of jewelry. You can select your preferred precious metal, plate and engraving based on family roots or personal preferences.

The solid silver version shown on the images holds 4 pear shaped diamonds in it’s shoulders to make it even more exclusive. If you prefer similar diamonds or other stones we can discuss this after your down payment. The € 1600 price doesn’t include the diamonds or other stones. It is the price of a Silver JConfessor with an engraved Bloodstone so for all other version this € 1600 will be seen as a downpayment.

While the JConfessor is a bespoke ring all sizes are optional, you can meet Velv’Or in Amsterdam or off course base the size for your JConfessor on the current measurement you are EnRinged with.

Production & Delivery time is about 8 weeks

After purchase the specific details of the JConfessor will be discussed, something that can off course also be discussed before by e-mail .